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We have been gathering sacred songs for over 10 years with the purpose of learning and sharing them. We dream of becoming hundreds of voices, so that one day we rise together in a single voice for peace and unity. Along this path, we have also created original songs that carry ancient and powerful messages.


We work through conscious circles of women, officially coming together once a month on the full moon, but engaging in various activities throughout the month. Our work structure is circular, with a staff symbolizing leadership within the group. We place all our dreams and projects into this staff, and during each full moon gathering, a woman claims the staff and carries it with her. She takes on the responsibility of coordinating events, meetings, and activities for the group throughout the lunar cycle (month). This way of organizing allows us to recognize each woman's space of leadership and power, and we all benefit from her energy, experience, and wisdom. At the end of the cycle, each woman leaves a gift, a mark on the staff that we consider our grandmother.


We create spaces for knowledge, conducting workshops on sacred singing, embodiment, sacred geometry, peace dances, theater, mandalas, eye of God, word circles, sacred ceremonies with native medicines, sweat lodge rituals (rebirth or sweat lodge), power walks, among other activities.


Grateful for the sacred role of being women, we come together in action to achieve our individual and collective growth, with the dream of leaving a world filled with good human relationships based on respect, clarity, and love, following the principles of our ancestors. We are all one, all interconnected, for the sake of all our relationships.

Mujeres de Luna

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